Client Story
«Matte» — architectural b2b agency, who works only one year. They faced the problem: they hadn't the accumulated base of clients, they weren't known as a professional firm, they hadn't useful connections.
To solve this problem Matte had a deal with another marketing agency. As a result, they spend 580 000 baht and got 90 leads. But the main problem is that 30% of them were «dirty». In MediaOption we call leads that way if they were interested in completely different services or goods. Another 33% of the callers were interested in designing small apartments less than 1000 m², but again, Matte doesn't offer such type services. Another 24% preferred bigger and older companies to the Matte Agency. And finally, only 13% of leads became clients of Matte Agency. That is only 12 clients! It means, that one client cost 48 333 baht to the Matte Agency!

MediaOption's goal wasn't just to bring them quality leads for 1000 baht, but also to improve the company's image.

We signed the 3-month deal with Matte. We agreed on the budget for promoting them of 500 000 baht. 20 000 baht was spent on preparing photos and videos for social media, for the agency's website and expert articles of opinion leaders. In addition to this, we spent 150 000 baht for influencers and publications at expert media.

Firstly, we set up the chatbot on the site. His main goal is to filter «dirty» leads who are interested in b2c services. To make it possible bot asked a site's visitors what they want. If a potential client wants to design a building of at least 1000 m² and purposes are commercial, then bot collected contact details and gave them to managers.
that's how many per cents bot have reduced the burden on sales managers

As a result, bot reduced the burden on sales managers by 43%! Moreover, there was no long wait manager's answer, because a bot can process a website's traffic as soon as possible and 24 hours a day. And these innovations allowed increase client loyalty, decrease bounce rate by 22% and finally decrease the average cost per lead by 200 baht!

The development and implementation of the chatbot cost the client 51 700 baht but it helped to save money immediately. Furthermore, in the future chatbot paid off himself and managed to save money.Besides, we helped the client to set up CRM-system. As a gift, we made sales auto funnel and a communication script with clients to maximize the effectiveness of processing leads. Also, we set up a call-tracking software. Call-tracking is the process of tracking phone leads by inserting a tracking number in your paid ads, emails, landing pages and website to see which of your marketing efforts are producing results.

As for PPC ad campaigns, we chose Facebook Ads and Google Ads. At Facebook, we decided to advertise chatbot. In the end, we spent 148 300 baht, got 9886 clicks with 15 baht cost per click. 1593 users finished the dialogue, it is a 16% conversion! And finally, 239 of them were «clean» leads, it is a 620 baht cost per one!

As for Google, we spent 130 000 baht. We got 146 leads, cost per lead is 890 baht. 11 of leads contacted by email, 38 — called, 54 — filled lead form on the site, 43 — left contact details to a bot.

To sum up, we brought to the client 385 leads, cost per one lead — 755 baht.
1000 ฿
Goal For Cost Per Lead
Our Result for Cost Per Lead
Number of Leads
That We Produced
755 ฿
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